Advent of technology driven education in india

India is the largest prevailing democracy in the world which is known for its ethnic diversity across numerous areas and rich intellectuality of people in fields such as mathematics, astronomy, architecture, fine arts, music, and literature. India has a population of around 1.32 billion with more than half of the people below 25 years of age, which makes the urge of better educational facilities a more vital need for the nation’s stable growth and development.

Evolving from the Vedic dates to the modern computer’s age and e-learning, the Indian education system has taken a leap ahead towards development. Indian education system is built on strong foundations and is known as one of the best educational destinations across the globe. The Indian educational landscape has been transforming ever since it has evolved and in today’s time, the technology is gripping the education in an unprecedented manner. A modern mixture of education and technology is coming to the Indian surface. We may not be the early adopters of technology but with the advent of high-speed broadband services and low-cost computers and mobile devices, there has been a serious growth in the use of technology for learning.

Today Indian education market stands at a worth of more than $100 billion and is one of the fastest growing markets for e-learning based products and services. The Indian government is also aiming to expand the potentials of Indian education through encouraging digital literacy by bringing out various plans and policies to stimulate the technology-based learning. The infusion of technology in modern education foray has brought about various reformations in the Indian education system. With the advent of startups, many entrepreneurs have also initiated towards developing the technology-based educational products for schools, colleges, and universities. Online learning management system, distance education, classroom-based learning, LCD projectors in classrooms, learning through mobile apps are various ways which have been inducted in the recent times to enhance the quality and efficiency of learning opportunities for the students.

Unlike the urban regions of our nation, who have access to decent schools and state of art learning pedagogies, the rural section of our society still has certain limitations like inconsistent quality of teachers, long distance travelling to educational institutions, traditional teaching patterns, which makes the process of acquiring education and learning difficult for the young learners. To address these issues, the new age digital platforms are using technology to enhance the academic landscape of our society.

If we see the current status of Indian education, the government needs to play an active role in encouraging the adaptation of latest technology for teaching and imparting course content at all educational levels. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, there is a great scope of technology-based learning that can surpass many developed and developing nation. Even though many educational institutions in India ranks par with world’s best colleges and universities, there is still a limited inclusion of technology in Indian education sector. Technology-based learning can also come as a rescue for those who want to pursue a higher degree but cannot afford it due to various reasons.

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