Dhanraj Parimal Nathwani

Perseverance, for me, is the foundational value of success. Indomitable will fuels great achievements and breakthroughs. The transience of life and its rhythms ushers in new challenges, which can be gracefully navigated with the right spirit and sheer grit. The key is to see these hurdles as opportunities to recalibrate and learn.


I remain in great reverence to my roots. I am deeply grateful for the head start I got with my father’s support and guidance. My father, Shri Parimal Nathwani, is the wellspring of my values. With my value system guiding me, my own personal aspirations and goals for growth are clearly in focus. I believe people are multifaceted and business is only one aspect of my life. The motivation to be of service to others drives all the philanthropic work that we do. I find travel exhilarating, and I believe as we travel further out in the world, we come closer to ourselves. Nature is another significant interest—it moves me. My passion for animals stems from the rich wildlife of Gujarat, where I grew up. The list of interests is unending; these add to the prism of my experiences. I keep learning from the world around me on my journey of self- exploration and growth.

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