Making a Difference

One Step at a Time


Every person has their own hook in life. Something, that excites us to no end. For me, such enthusiasm always surfaces for sports. The national favourite, cricket, is my first love. After that, football has always been the sport that emboldens me to cheat on cricket. Together, these two sports make sure that I come alive from time to time.


Gazing the endless horizons make me wonder what lies on the other side of the earth. In those times, I feel it in my heart the urge to venture out and explore. When I do so, it is the myriad forms in which nature has created life that catch my fancy and the desire to capture the moment forever with my lens is what directs my next actions. Owing to these passions, I always try to create as many opportunities for travelling as my time permits. In the past, my destinations have been a mix of popular tourist attractions and remote secluded paradises – local and global, and my companions have been my friends, my family or my solitude.


Growing up in the shadow of compassionate souls like Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and my father, I have always been aware of the realities of the world. In my own humble ways, I have tried to be helpful to people and work for certain causes in the past. Currently however, it is the backing of institutions like the Reliance Industries Limited, that, through their CSR initiatives, have given me a platform to work systematically and synergistically towards the betterment of people, especially of those living in and around Jamnagar.

Nature & Wildlife

Having lived in urbanscapes all my life, I feel the strong desire to connect with nature from time to time. This love stems from the fact that my father, from early on, exposed me to the beauty of unadulterated nature and the magnificence of the wild-wildlife. With time, this love only grew stronger and I am frequently drawn towards destinations that make me feel one with nature.
Adulthood however, made me aware of the perils that affect the wildlife and the environment. I, under my father’s guidance and in my limited capacity, try to create awareness on these issues from time to time, as I sincerely believe that humble contributions from individuals go a long way in bringing change on a larger scale.